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About Prfessor Joseph Chung


1.    General information
Name: Joseph H. Chung
Telephone: 514-762-9203;
Web site:
Adresse: 227-4 Jardins des Vosges, Verdun, Qc. Canada H3E 2B3

2. Education
1950-1954: Seoul National University: History
1954-1956: Laval University (Quebec City, Canada), B.S.Sc
1956-1958: Laval University (Quebec city, Canada), M.A. Economics  1958-1960: Toronto University (Toronto, Canada), Ph.D. Economics

3. Occupation (1960-2009)
3.1 Civil Service
- Ontario Government, Economist
3.2 Teaching
- Laurentian University (Bilingual) (Sudbury City, Canada), Assitant professor of economics (econometrics, microeconomics, development economics)
- University of Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke City, Canada), Associate
professor (econometrics, regional economics, development
economics, history of economic thought)
- University of Montreal, École des hautes études commerciales
Faculty of Commerce), Associate Professor (econometrics,
macroeconomics, regional economics)
- Quebec State University (Montreal Campus), Full professor
(econometrics, regional economics, housing economics, development
economics, urban economics)
- KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Distinguised Visiting
Professor (real estate economics, urban economics, regional
-  Quebec State University (Montreal Campus), Associated
Professor (real estate economics)
3.3 Research
- Director, the Real Estate Research Center (Laboratoire de recherches en sciences immobilière), Quebec State University  
- Senior Research Fellow (SX), Economic Council of Canada (studies on the housing industry
- Director of research, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement
(housing industry and housing policy)
- President, Korea Housing Institute (studies on the building industry,
housing policy, housing management)
- Director, Center for Urban Dynamics, KDI School of Policy and
Management (study on adult training programs for several hundred
persons representing the Korea National Housing Corporation, the
Korea Land Corporation, KAMCO and other organizations, The training
program consists of real estate management, real estate development,
real estate investment, MBS, REIT)

4. Academic Leadership
- Policy advisor to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
- President of the Canadian Association of Korean Learned Society
- Policy Advisor to Quebec Housing Corporation
- Policy Advisor for OPDQ (Planning Bureau of Quebec Province)
- Member of the Real Estate Committee of the National Capital of Canada
1970s and 1980s: Policy Advisor to Quebec Housing Corporation, Union
of Quebec municipalities, Quebec Ministry of Municipal affairs
- Vice-president of the Association of Quebec economists
- Member of editorial committee of the academic journal, Actualite
- Vice-president of the Korea Regional Sciences Association
- Advisor to the Korean Association of Housing Policy Studies
- Advisor to the Korean Association of Real Estate Analysis
- Advisor to the Korea Federation of Real Estate Association
- Consultant for the IUIDP (integrated Urban Infrastructure           
Development Project), Indonesia
-President of the EAROPH (Eastern Area Organization for Housing: (UN
affiliated), Korea Chapter
3.5 Community Service
-Member of the Advisory Committee for the Development of Seoul City
-Member of the Housing Policy Committee of Seoul City
-Member of the Advisory Council for the Long-term development of Gangwon Province
-Member of the Board of Director of Citizens for Decent Housing (NGO),
- President of the Council for the Development of Chuchon City

- Weekly publication of 110 articles on Canadian real estate and Quebec
history in a Korean language weekly newspaper in Montreal. The objective is to facilitate Koreans’ real estate investment and their integration into the Canadian society.

5. Immigrant Community Leadership in Canada
 - Member of the Multicultural Committee of the Federal Government of Canada
- President of the Korean Community of Great Montreal
-President of the Korean Senior Association of Greater Montreal
- Director of the Multicultural Committee of the Korean Community of
Greater Montreal

6. Publications and Paper Presentations
: 1960-1995 (in the areas of urban economics, regional economics, housing economics, housing policy)
6.1 Publication of Books and Research Reports
- Économie Urbaine, Gaetan Morin Publisher, 1981
-Instability of Residential Construction in Canada, Economic Council of Canada, 1976 (English and French)
-Other publications: 63 books and research reports

6.2 Publication of professional and academic papers: 91 papers
6.3 Presentations of academic and professional papers: 107 papers

7. Publications and Paper Presentations: 1996-2009 (In Korean language,
if not specified)
7.1 Publication of books and research reports

-Globalization and Housing Industry, Dong Sung Lee (co-ed.) (1997), Korea Housing Institute (English)

- Suburbanization and Housing Development (1998). Dong Sung Lee (co-(ed.), Korea Housing Institute (English)

- Studies on Balanced Regional Development (1999). Joon Kyung Kang, Hyun Ung Lee (co-authors), KDI

- The Role of the Korea Land Corporation in the 21st Century (2000.11). Man Hyun Lee, Yong Man Lee, Han Young Park, Huk Il Kwon, Hyun Ung Lee (co-authors), KDI

- Integration of Korea National Housing Corporation and the Korea Land Corporation (2001. 4). Jung Ho Kim et al (co-authors). Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Korea Land Corporation
-The Role of the Korea National Housing Corporation in the 21st Century (2001.8), Han Young Park, Hyun Ung Lee(co-authors), KDI

-Housing Finance and Housing Welfare (2002). Man Hun Lee, Hyuk Kwon, Young Kun Kim (co-authors), Kookmin Bank

-Local Development and Palnning in the 21st Century, Soo Young Park (co-ed.), EAROPH  (English)

-Real Estate Finance in Korea (2003). Sung Soo Ko, Huyk Il Kwon, Jong Chul Shin (co-authors), Uri Bank

-Low Income housing Finance (2003). Jeong Ho Kim, Kwang Yong Kim, Huyk Il Kwon (co-authors), Uri Bank 

-Analysis of the Real Estate Market and Market Stabilization (2003). Jeong H. Kim, Hyuk Il Kwon (co-authors), KDI School of Policy and Management

-Housing Speculation and Housing Bubble in Korea (2004). Jeong Ho Kim, Huk Il Kwon (co-authors), Working paper 04-06, KDI School of Policy and Management (English)

-Impact of Development Tax (2005). Jeong Ho Kim, Soon Tak Seo (co-authors), MOCT and KDI School of Policy and Management

-Study on the Development Policy in Periphery Regions in Canada (2006). Research Studies 05-03, Ganwon Development Institute

-Housing Policy in Korea (2007). Policy Brief No.16, Gangwon Development Institute

-Real Estate Economics (Économie immobilière) (2009), Lecture Notes 656 PW plates , UQAM (French)

7.2 Papers Published

-    “ Housing Finance and Optimal Loan-to-Value Ratio,” Yong Man Lee (co-author) (2004),  Housing Studies Review, Vol.11, No.1, pp. 106-111

-    “Study on Family Life and housing Consumption,” Yong Man Lee (co-author) (2004). Housing Studies Review, Vol. 12, No.1 pp. 5-26

-    Mortgage Loans and Housing Finance, On-Line Paper, Seoul National University, Sept. 2004

-    “Regional Government of Montreal,” Koo To Feb 2004, pp 106-111

-    “ Elderly Housing Policy,” Koo To, Feb. 2000

-    “Urban Industrial Location (2004)” Journal of Korean Regional Economics,” Vol. 3, No.1

-    Immigrants’ Choice of Professions, Income and Unemployment (2009), Yvon Fauvel (co-author), UQAM (French)

7.3 Papers presented

- “Low- Income Policy,”(1998) Seminar, Korea Association of Housing Policy Studies, 24, Nov.

-    “Urban Policies in the 21st Century,” (1996), Seminar, The Regional   Development Association, Kyungnam Development Institute, Changwon City, Kyungwon University, 20, April (English)

-    Orientation of the Development of Real Estate Science in Korea”, (1996) Seminar, the Korea Real Estate Analysis Association, 6 June

-    “Urban Industrial Location in Korea” (2002) AsRes/AREUEA Joint International Conference,  4-6 July, Seoul, Korea (English)

-    “Private Rental Dwelling in Korea’ (1996), the University of Birmingham, U.K. 19-29 Nov. (English)

-    Housing policy for Senior Citizens in Korea” (1997) Japan International Longevity Center, Tokyo, Japan, 9-14  March (English)

-    “Perspectives of Korean Housing Market” (1997), Seminar Canada-Korea, 1 Jan. (English)

-    “ Prospects for Urban Planning and Housing” (1997), International Seminar, EUROPH, Korea 5, Dec. (English)

-    “ Search for Elderly Housing Policy”, Dong Sung Lee and Hi Yong Lee (co-authors)(1998), U.K.-Korea Joint Housing Seminar, University of Birmingham, 29 June (English)

-    “Private Rental Housing in Korea” Dong Sung Lee, Sung Soo Chang (1998) (co-authors), U.K.-Korea Joint Seminar, University of Birmingham, 29, June (English)

-    “The Impact of Globalization on the Housing Industry: Korea’s Experience” (1998), Keynote Speaker, INTA Build, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22-25 May (English)

-    “Is Mortgage Securitization Feasible in Korea?” (1999), The Real Estate and Engineering Committee, American Chamber of Commerce, 21 Oct. Seoul, Korea (English)

-    “ New techniques of Real Estate Finance, MBS” (1999), International Seminar on Feasibility of Asset Securitization and Foreign Investment, Institute of Construction Technology, Chungbuk University, 19 Nov. (English)

-    “New paradigms of Regional and Urban Planning in the 21st Century” (1999), Commemorative Seminar of the 10th Anniversary of College of Engineering, Urban Planning and Graduate School of Environment, Busan  National Unibersity12, Nov.

-“Feasibility of MBS” (1999), Seminar on International Finance Management, KDI School of Policy and management, 15-19 March

-    “Regional Disparities and Regional Industrial Policy” (2000), OECD-Korea Workshop on Territorial Policies and Issues, 8-9 March (English)

-    “Masan Free Trade Zone” (2001), 3rd  EAROPH  Exco Meeting and Seminar, Batam, Indonesia, 19-21 July (English

-    “Canadian Housing and Mortgage Model” (2002), International Conference on System Dynamics Application, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, Korea, 16 May (English)

-    “The Role of State in New Regulation” (2003), International  Conference on Territorial Development, OECD-DATAR, Paris, 21-23 Jan. (French)

- “ What is wrong with K-REITs?” (2003), Keynote Speech, International Conference on REITS-Investment and Valuation and Real Estate 114, 17 April (English)

-    “Strategy of Chunchon City’s development in the Era of Globalization” (2003), Seminar, the Advisory Council for the 21st Century Development of Chunchon City, 16 May (Korean)
-    “ Development Strategies for Medium Sized Cities in the Era of High Speed Transportation Network” (2003), the Advisory Council for the 21st Century Development of Chunchon City, 7 Nov (Korean)

7.4 Invited Lectures
- Housing Policy in the 21st Century (1996), Han Yang University, 15  Jan.
- Housing Policy Issues (1996), Han Sung University, 17 Sept.
-Direction of housing Policies (1997), Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement, 11 June
-Asset Securitization (1998), Dankook University, 3 Nov.
-Issues in Housing Finance in the 21st Century (2000), Seoul National University, 25 May
-Regional Disparities and Regional Industrial Policy in Korea (2000), Executive Development Program for South African Government Officials, Korea International Cooperation Agency and Central Training Institute, Government of Korea, 26 April and 9 June. Proceedings, pp. 245-284 (English)
-Housing Policies in Korea (2000), Executive Development Program for the Officials of ASEAN countries, Korea International Cooperation Agency and Central Officials training Institute, Government of Korea, 25  June-15 July (English), Proceedings, pp.167-202
-Capital Market and Real Estate Finance (2001), Kon Kuk University, 12 May
-Housing Market and Finance (2004), Joong Ang University 11 May
-Development of REITs in Korea (2003), Kon Kuk University, 12 May
-Housing Policy in the Era of Globalization and Decentralization (2007) Gangwon Development Research Institute, 22 August